Selling a property is an emotional experience. You are placing your home in someone else’s hands. Therefore, trust plays a particularly important role!

Have you already considered the following points?

Have you ever done business with a stranger?

What is the current market situation?

What do you expect the marketing costs to be?

Which marketing possibilities are you familiar with?

How do you envisage your availability?

How will you follow up in the case of interested parties?

How will you qualify the buyers?

How can you prevent real estate tourism?

How can you protect yourself from crime connected with property viewing?

Where do you have to pay attention in the sales transaction?

Use your time for the pleasant things in life ...

...instead of conducting telephone calls, spending your time on property platforms, going to viewings and negotiating sales contracts. Decide how you would like to spend your time. Make effective savings on time, costs and your nerves!

You are wondering why you should choose to engage our services?

Our success depends on the optimal sale of your property. This is the stimulus which drives us on every day.

Our common goal is the sale of your property … a market-oriented price, as speedily as possible and with the most advantageous conditions for you.

Our tight and extensive network of dedicated estate agents and specialists offers you the best service possible. And with our HIDIR regional principle we offer you comprehensive consultant support with regard to all location factors.

We dedicate our full attention to the marketing of each and every property entrusted to us …

...with our hearts, minds and passion!

“Irrespective of whether you are buying or selling a property, it is a question of your assets. Therefore, every one of our colleagues is aware of his/her responsibility as a consultant and agent..“